We would like to thank all the people that have made this Project possible and all of the fans who have supported Pilot and The Alan Parsons Project over the years.

A Pilot Project is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Eric Woolfson. We remember the good times we had bringing his songs to life and working with Eric and Alan and all of the Project musicians and regulars including Stuart Elliott, Andrew Powell, Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek, John Miles, Richard Cottle, and Colin Blunstone. We made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

We would also like to thank our wives Mary and Leila and our families for the constant support, patience and understanding during the many hours, weeks, months and years in the making of this Project and all our many musical ventures. Our love is always there.

Our sincere thanks to our manager and creative director, Kirk Kiester. We are very fortunate to have his support, wisdom and guidance. Kirk has always offered solid judgments and without his dedication and encouragement we would never have come this far together. Kirk would like to thank his wife Anita and family for putting up with the countless hours and years (and more than a few missed suppers) he has dedicated to promoting all things Pilot and Project.

Thanks to Jill "Ace" Singletary for great graphics and artwork. The artwork for A Pilot Project is by Jill Singletary. We have been delighted with her ideas, communication, and the speed at which she can get things done. She has done a fantastic job collaborating with Kirk on the cover artwork, booklet, and liner notes. Her help with graphic tweaks for our websites is also greatly appreciated. Her choir backing vocals provided a nice finishing touch to Children of the Moon. Jill has achieved a great deal of success with her illustration, design, animation, photography and music. Check out her website to find out more. It's a pleasure to be working with her on this Project.

Thanks to all the others who have contributed to this Project including my daughters Katy McPhail and Sara Paton (backing vocals on Breakdown), as well as Kenny Hutchison (accordion on Nothing Left to Lose), Moray Innes (Sax on Old and Wise), and Alejandro Arias (Whistle on Can't Take it With You).

Thanks to all the music professionals and fans all over the world too numerous to list that have supported us throughout the years including Toshi Nakada of Cool Sound, Hiroshi Kuse and Shotaro Yoshida of Air Mail Recordings, Beagle Hat and Sheep, and the APP Roadkillers. A special thanks to those who have helped translate our websites so fans all over the world can surf our sites in their native tongues including Leila Bairnson, Mariko Oyama, Francesca Fini, André Kloppenburg, Roelant van de Riet, Lennart Koschella, Xavier Martinez and Philippe Claerhout.